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About hien

Hien Thanh Nguyen is an indietronica singer-songwriter-producer, whose music is a mix of ethereal textures meshing with downtempo electronic beats. She is already a pop legend in Hungary; now she's ready to charm the rest of the world with her pleasing harmonies and soulful vocals. Her multicultural background has allowed her to appeal to different language audiences as she sings in both English and Hungarian. To date, she has released two pop albums, one in English and the other in Hungarian, a dozen singles, been featured on songs by other artists, and performed in numerous cities across Europe, Asia, and the US. 

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Latest Release

Hien’s new R&B infused indietronica single, “Boy,” is a grooving topical track strewn with sexual innuendos that holds you in its seductive embrace. The chill downtempo music offers a contoured melodic landscape for her silky vocals and laid-back lyrics. While the track is a very pleasant listen, it's almost a sharp contrast to the video. Spanish director Humberto Besa masterfully depicts the dual realities of societal pressures and rejection in the romantic drama, set in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

Music Video

"Boy's" music video brings the evocative lyrics of the song to life. Each meticulously crafted shot fully captures the attention of even the most casual viewer as the artfully filmed atmospheric scenes draw you further and deeper into the story.

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