about the duo

MB (Mary and Brianna) are a twin sister pop/country duo from New York who regularly delight live audiences in both New York and Nashville. The incredibly talented sisters have an original sound that is true to their pop roots and country influences. Lead vocalist and cowriter Mary is passionate about writing melodies and layering high and low harmonies; she also assists in background vocal arrangements and has a special way of adding perfect nuances that make the songs unique. Brianna writes most of the lyrics herself before bringing them to Mary for vocal arrangement; Mary likes to write the second verses and bridges. Brianna is the storyteller and is very passionate about creating honest and relatable lyrics. She’s also the duo’s instrumentalist. In addition to singing, she plays the guitar, piano, and harmonica.



Whiskey and Lust, MB’s latest EP, was the first project they undertook after moving to Nashville. Though the duo are from New York, they refer to themselves as “New York Country” as they, and this EP, have been strongly influenced by Nashville’s thriving music culture. Taking the best musical traditions from both New York and Nashville, Mary and Brianna have used current pop elements with traditional country music tropes to create catchy songs with broad appeal. Poetic lyrics deftly weave their way through the songs even though the music for each song is stylistic unique. The acoustic instruments and slight country twang give this EP a country aesthetic, while the repetitive hooks and production style make it more pop and universally appealing. The cliche country music motifs are not entirely absent from the songs, but they've been repackaged and presented in a very relatable way. This is an EP that's sure to lift your spirits—a must listen!

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