New Release: "Aayat Mashup" by Dhaval Kothari

Updated: Aug 29, 2019

Dhaval has recorded a beautiful mashup of “Aayat,” “Tera Zikra,” and “Ek Dil Hai,” songs from three of Sanjay Bhansali’s hit Bollywood films.

As always, Dhaval's mellifluous voice imbues the song with a profound eloquence and uplifts the music into something luminous—something that shimmers with a timeless patina. He has used the phrasing of Raag Yaman as the basis for the song’s tune and meticulously arranged the choruses and verses so that the mashup transitions are flawless.

Even those familiar with Sanjay Bhansail’s Bollywood songs may hear Dhaval's mashup as an original work as he hasn’t simply pieced the original compositions together; he’s created something that has its own unique identity with an introductory aalap that gradually transitions into lyrics of “Tera Zikra,” improvisation on the raaga, and even in the qawwali patterns used towards the end of the song.

The video for Dhaval Kothari's latest single, "Aayat Mashup," is a study in contrasts: the ornate chandelier in a sparsely furnished room, the dark shadows on the pale walls, even the black and white clothes worn by Dhaval— they all serve as a backdrop to an emotive performance that is sure to draw you in. He may be seated, but his performance is anything but static; instead it's replete with dynamic hand gestures and facial expressions that convey the song's unfolding themes of love, sacrifice, and faith. Director Rachit Vora has enhanced the effect by using soft lighting to create a romantic mood and fluid panning from wide angles to close-ups to increase a sense of intimacy. Whether you've felt the pangs of heartache or not, you will fall in love with this beautiful song.