New Release: “Boy” by Hien

Updated: Aug 3, 2019

Hien’s new R&B infused indietronica single, “Boy,” is a grooving topical track strewn with sexual innuendos that holds you in its seductive embrace.

The chill downtempo music offers a contoured melodic landscape for Hien's silky vocals and laid-back lyrics. Though sexually explicit, the innocuous words do not hint at the more controversial action of the video. Spanish director Humberto Besa masterfully depicts this contrast of societal pressures and individual expression in a brilliantly compressed sequence set in Hanoi, Vietnam. The viewer has no inkling about the drama between the two young men and is sure to be surprised by the unexpected twist as the lyrics and action harmonize in the end.

“Boy” offers a positive depiction of same-sex relationships and should be celebrated for its cinematic achievement as well as its social impact. Every so often, a song inspires more than passive admiration, it changes your understanding. "Boy" does just that; it makes you realize that intolerance is perceptional and perceptions can be transformed when viewed through a different lens.

Listen to "Boy" because it's a beautiful song; watch the video for its evocative beauty.