LGBT Underground Features Hien's "Boy" During Pride Month

Updated: Jun 19, 2019


Lots of New Music has been popping of already this month which you can check out the collection below: but before we get to the PLAYLIST’S I wanna share a New Artist by the Name of “HIEN” who has an amazing new song out called “BOY” a really dope well shot video that I definitely recommend you check out, just a little background info…

Hien Thanh Nguyen is an indietronica singer-songwriter-producer, whose music is a mix of ethereal textures meshing with downtempo electronic beats. She is already a pop legend in Hungary.

Hien’s new R&B infused indietronica single, “Boy,” is a grooving topical track strewn with sexual innuendos that holds you in its seductive embrace. The chill downtempo music offers a contoured melodic landscape for her silky vocals and laid-back lyrics. While the track is a very pleasant listen, it’s almost a sharp contrast to the video.

Be sure to Follow HIEN and get to know more via HIEN WEBSITE.

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