Egy igazi LGBTQ gyöngyszem HIEN vadonatúj kisfilmje

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

By Peti for Music Daily

Very few domestic speakers dare to talk about this openly LGBTQ topic.

It was a huge surprise to see the new appearance of Vietnamese Hungarian[-born] singer Hien. Many of us may be familiar with the Megastar, but when was the 2008 season?

The then 14-year-old singer took the Hungarian audience off their feet and then several hits were added to her name: who wasn't yelling at the "Too Good" song? Maybe "No More" who didn't have a decisive experience? Well as we know Hien has left our country and is studying in America. This, in turn, offers a lot of experience for the golden-minded singer. It doesn't accidentally provide brutally strong songs and movies at once.

The " Boy " now released is one of the best and most unique songs we've ever heard of. I would lie if I say that we get this quality from our Hungarian performers (of course, we also have quality performers in Hungary).

We visited the singer, who shared several interesting things with us, for example, that the song was born from a "jam" with people who didn't know hir name before. From this point on, the creative process has progressed slowly, and at one point Hien also thought that the song would not be released soon.

In the official video

we can see the story of it, fortunately with a positive outcome. The film was filmed in Vietnam, Hanoi, where the warm narrative in the film (unfortunately) is considered taboo. The video was directed by a Spanish director, Humberto Besa. As Hien tells, he has the feeling that the film was born in a really familiar atmosphere, first of all because Pham Hamy, his best friend, was the producer of the creation, and also talked about the director as a close friend.

We also learned that Hien had received some negative, mostly homophobic, comments from the domestic audience, but her audience and fans were very positive about LGBTQ people.

The MUSICDAILY team is campaigning for acceptance and self-fulfillment across shoulder widths, and this is what works like this, as it broadens the horizons of the Hungarian people (and more nations). We would need much more quality musical works like this. Down the hood before Hien: It is incredible how fast it is developing, and maybe it is also incredible that the singer seen and heard in the following movie is the same as the little girl for whom an entire country was excited in 2008.

We asked the singer for the future, what's going on and what we got to answer the next single - this is music for their ears.

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