Hien új videós dala a melegszerelemmel kampányol és tör tabukat az önazonosság mellett

By Herring András for Phenom'enon Magazin

Hien's new video song is campaigning with warmth and breaking taboos with self-identity


Currently, a new video song from the Vietnamese-Hungarian songwriter-singer-songwriter-singer from Boston, USA at Berklee University, is campaigning for the voice and acceptance of the soul.

Her song "Boy" was born in Boston, the video was shot in Hanoi, and the director, Humberto Besa, traveled from Spain to be at the premiere of the song’s new video in Hungary. The singer (with whom we had a great interview just a year ago), who has been working full-time with a Vietnamese crew and actors, reveals that in our lives we are not listening to our hearts because of the pressure of the outside world. But we need to listen to our hearts and choose our own fate

Along this line of thought, the clip brings together the love of two boys living in Hanoi, who fight everyone in the world to make their own decisions.

“Boy” was written and produced by Hien, Wigbert Caro, Kata Kozma, Akos Flake, and Matt Carey.

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