New Release: "Kothe Te Aa Mahiya" by Dhaval Kothari

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

Dhaval Kothari’s rendition of “Kothe Te Aa Mahiya,” a traditional Punjabi tappa or folktale is as fresh as it is tuneful.

The Indorie singer's vocal virtuosity is on full display in this playful duet with Rati Mehra. Accompanying the track is a beautiful music video that features both artists. It is filmed in a light filled room that vibrates with the lively call and response of the song. Heightening the effect with quick cuts, slow-motion romantic interludes, and soft focus close-ups, the cinematography shines with the elegance of a classical Bollywood film, gilded with a tasteful contemporary glamour. Watch the video on Dhaval's YouTube Channel.