5 Playlists for MB's song, "Leave the City"

"Leave the City" is on Spotify curated playlist New Music Nashville and four other independent playlists by Chillfiltr, Bandrec, Caltify Mx, and Movimento.

Yes, a coveted spot on a Spotify curated playlist is very much a thing. Getting onto this one-week-only New Music Nashville playlist is worth celebrating. So Yay! It's billed as having "All the newest country music releases in one playlist!" and doesn't just stack it with music from one group of artists, be it emerging or established. With more than 29,000 followers, it's a nice list to start the release off with. Women on this playlist include The Highwomen, Trisha Yearwood, Kylie Morgan, and Madison Kozak.

Discover Weekly by Caltify MX is not strictly a country music playlist; it's more a collection of songs by indie artists of different genres. Women artists include folk artist Tanya Gallagher from Florida, avant-garde pop musician kathi O. from Germany, country-pop artist Caroline Kole from Texas, and poet/songwriter Toria Wooff from Lancashire.

Bandrec's Country Roads - Hot Country has artists of all levels of success including Sofie Lynn, Alexandria Corn, Gizelle de Guzman, and Sylvia Aimee. This playlist adds songs on a regular basis and dates back to late May.

Another playlist that switches out its artists on a weekly basis is Country & POP by Movimento Country. Some artists do remain on this playlist for longer than a week and the number of songs also fluctuates. Of note among the female artists are pop singer Peyton Gilliland, country folk singer-songwriter Rebekah Hawker, electronica musician Elizabritz, neo-soul/jazz artist Lo Marie, and singer-songwriter Isabelle Stillman.

Chillfiltr's Songlistr Country- Rock, Pop, Americana has music from different genres with a country bent. Lucy Clearwater, Erisy Watt, Megan Golden, and Ginger Cowgirl are some of the female artists on this cumulative playlist that stretches back to November 2018. 199 songs and 12 hours long, there's something for everyone on this playlist.

A big thank-you to all these playlisters for including "Leave the City" on their playlists.