Sam Boot: Collaborator of Choice

Updated: Jun 18, 2019

Do you know why emerging vocalists and songwriters from around the world enjoy collaborating with Sam? They like his music and so do we!

Sam's music is packed with contrasting traditions, so it makes perfect sense that he describes it as "a blend of pop and EDM composed with the structure of classical music." You can hear his classical training (on the piano, violin, and marimba) in the rhythm and tempo of the music. And his skill at infusing genre-blending sounds is a validation of his music production training. Sam also draws on his foley experience to create a layered soundscape for the velvety vocals of his songs.

This up-and-coming Canadian EDM artist, producer, and DJ is also a talented performer who spins at clubs as well as festivals in Canada and the US. Sam’s next live gig is at the Coors Event Center in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan where he will open for DJ BL3ND.

Collaboration is the hottest music trend in town, and Sam's on fire! He's not just good at partnering with other artists, he's exceptional at it—exceptional at coloring his music with the right tone, the right vibe, the right energy. This Berklee sophomore is going places, figuratively and literally as he'll be performing and touring between semesters. Sam plans on releasing a ton of new music this year and we're glad he's partnering with Vivaio Records to do so. Welcome Sam!