"All the Nights" Have Just Begun

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Here are a few of the playlists "All the Nights" has been added to. A big Shoutout to Spinnup, Shareiff, Stopify, Caltify, and New Pop. Thanks for sharing Sam's music with your followers!

The one thing in common these playlists have is that songs with fewer than a thousand streams can rub shoulders with others (like "Call You Mine" by The Chainsmokers) that have had more than a billion streams!

Spinnup Presents is a composite playlist of songs by artists either signed to or distributed by Spinnup. This playlist of 65 songs has an international roster with artists hailing from around the globe. The music is equally diverse, drawn from genres like rap, pop, edm, and rock.

New Friday Top Hits is a popular Shareiff playlist with 29k followers. Genres include edm, pop, house, progressivehouse and tracestep. The 50 different artists are typically from the US, the UK, EU countries, Canada, and Russia.

Caltify MX is a Spotify curator with 20 playlists; Beach Vibes, with 140 songs, is one of them. The music is predominantly elm, dance pop, and electro house, thereby very danceable, lively and energetic. About half the artists on this playlist are from the US and Canada, about an eighth from Japan and Indonesia, and the rest from EU countries.

New Pop's playlist DJset is pretty substantial with 136 songs on it. This "ultimate house music" playlist has pop, edm, acrobats, R&B, azontobeats, rap, afropop, house, and azonto songs on it. More than two-thirds of the artists represented on DJset are from the US or UK and the rest are primarily from Europe.

The Millennials playlist by Stopify "gathers the Music created by Millennials For Millennials. [It is] a pure selection that will please your ears." It has 54 predominantly pop, edm, and indietronica songs on it, with artists mainly from Canada, the US, Australia, and the EU.