"Not Lonely" Added to Bangers Playlist on Spotify

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

There's gonna be a noticeable uptick and we don't want to downplay it. "Not Lonely" making it onto a curated Spotify playlist is HUGE!

Bangers offers an interesting mix of electronic music, skewing towards edm, pop, house, and progressive house. This eclectic playlist features artists primarily from Canada, the US, Netherlands, and the UK, in that order. Also notable, the 80-song, almost-3-hour-long playlist has a wide arc when it comes to song popularity—some have fewer than a thousand streams while others have hundreds of millions of streams!

Running through the music on the playlist is a pulsating dance beat, which gives the playlist a very lively, energetic, fast-paced, and upbeat vibe.

Upbeat is how we feel with "Not Lonely" getting onto a curated playlist of this caliber. Thanks Spotify!