British Blog Talk About Pop Music Reviews Sam's Song "Not Lonely"

Updated: Jun 7, 2019

Canadian producer and DJ Sam Boot showcases his talents on “Not Lonely”

by Christopher Smith for Talk About Pop Music

Canadian producer and DJ, Sam Boot showcases his talents by diversifying the mix of beats, the layering of styles, and the interplay of arrhythmic chords with a pulsating synth. This vibrant tune has the energetic urban vibe you need when sipping your first cup of coffee and navigating your morning commute. “Not Lonely” will diversify the flow of any playlist with its unique groove and attention grabbing production and vocals.

Sam Boot is an up-and-coming Canadian producer and DJ, who spins live at clubs and special events in the US and Canada. He is a go-to-collaborator for emerging vocalists and songwriters from around the world, who are drawn to his melodic, genre-blending sound. Sam describes his music as “a blend of pop and EDM composed with the structure classical music.”

A master mixer, Sam draws on his classical music training and foley experience to create a vibrant, layered sound highlighting the velvety vocals of his music. In developing his own sound Sam was inspired by the likes of Martin Garrix, Zedd, and Illenium. Sam’s next gig will be in Saskatoon as the headline opener for DJ BL3ND.

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