Them Fantasies: Are Real Unique

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Them Fantasies is aiming to create something very unique—something that’s both heavy and complex, yet still danceable and relatable.

Them Fantasies
Max, Eric, and Dom leap into action with their latest single "Acid Anna"

This Alternative/Indie band was founded in 2017 when that Dominic Cannarella and Eric McCoy met at the Berklee College of Music. They may have had two very different writing styles and musical backgrounds—Dominic’s is rooted in alternative rock and grunge, while Eric’s, in jazz fusion and blues—but by collaborating, they hoped to create something very unique that was both heavy and complex, yet still danceable and relatable.

Since inception, the band has had three drummers. First there was Mack Usry, then Steven Velasquez.

With Steven they explored new time signatures, harmonies, and polyrhythms; he added a new level of melodiousness to their music. Unfortunately, when Dom and Eric did a semester abroad, Steven was unable to join them in Valencia, Spain.

So they picked up Max Meizlish as an interim drummer just before their first performance in Valencia. Max continued playing with them for the eight gigs they did in Spain, when they opened for two-time Grammy nominee Patrice Rushen, and when they collaborated on a song with Indian vocalist Dhaval Khotari.

On their return to Boston, Steven took over as the band’s drummer. Shortly thereafter, they did a two-week tour of the Midwest, followed by a short trip to Nashville. At the end of 2018, they performed at a number of shows in their hometown of Boston, including an almost sold out show at the Red Room, and a showcase appearance at Berklee’s Rock Night at the Berklee Performance Center.

In 2019, Steven left Berklee and Them Fantasies, and Max stepped back into his former role. The band plans on touring over the summer and is currently working on a full-length debut LP that is being produced by EDM/House producer Nick Smith of SMLE.

Them Fantasies's kinetic energy enlivens even digital space. We're thrilled they've chosen to supercharge our roster. Welcome Them Fantasies!