"Acid Anna" on Norwegian Playlister Bandrec's Indie Playlist

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

Indie Bands of 2019 - Indie Rock - Indie Pop - DIY & Indie Artists

Them Fantasies has joined other indie bands and artists on this playlist by Bandrec. There are currently 105 songs on it, but the number fluctuates from 65 to 105. The music genre is classified as preverb (sounds a lot like classic pop and rock) and 30 percent of the artists are from the US, another 30 percent from Canada and the UK, 17 percent from Norway, and the remaining 23 percent from northern EU countries.

The songs primarily feature acoustic instruments—lots of trap drums, guitars, and great vocals. There's a feast of pop and rock to partake of and "Acid Anna" fits perfectly in this smorgasbord, not only for its musical style, but also for the artistic quality of the album's cover.

The indie artists on this playlist may range in popularity based on streams, but what they share is the quintessential sound of indie music—emotive lyrics, clear melodies, ear-catching chord progressions, and warm acoustic instrumentation. Follow this Bandrec playlist to hear music crafted by talented musicians who exist outside the pale of brand identity and over-the-top hijinks.

Thanks for sharing "Acid Anna"with your listeners, Bandrec!