New Release: Caffeine Queen by Them Fantasies

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

Prepare for a caffeinated ride when you listen to Them Fantasies' debut album, Caffeine Queen, an intricate blend of alternative rock, caffeine, desire, and vice.

This technical-yet-rowdy album distills the amusingly rude energy of nine carefully produced tracks by a band that draws from a variety of influences like the Strokes, Thundercat, and  STRFKR. House/EDM producer Nick Smith of SMLE/Rocket League fame captured the band's Alternative/Indie Rock essence, and together they've crafted it into a very polished and dynamic work of art.

A chill balance of energetically punchy, technically proficient, smooth alt-rock music and satirically upbeat lyrics, Caffeine Queen starts out with "Story Time," a fun little, spacey and atmospheric intro with abstract lyrics. Following hard on its heals is "Bastard Too," an explosive alt-rock song that focuses on the hardships of relationships; then there's "Acid Anna" which is, well, the album's psychedelic cut. The fourth song, "Hook-Up Culture" is a slap-happy satire, and the fifth, "Nothing but the Screen" is about modern day technology addiction. The self-titled sixth track touches upon the early days of being at Berklee, and the band considers "Melatonin," the seventh track, to be their biggest flex on the album. Following that is "Plastic Heart," the first song Dom and Eric ever wrote, and it's about people who are clueless about communicating. Wrapping up the album is "Together (Eyes Closed)," a song about friendships that just aren't meant to be.

Here are Dominic, Eric, and Max to tell you more about the album.