Hien's Song, "Boy" Added to Two Curated Playlists

Updated: Jun 11, 2019

"Boy" is now on two curated playlists: one on Spotify—Indie Viet, and the other on Apple Music—The A List: Vietnamese Music.

The A List: Vietnamese Music on Apple Music features 75 of "the hottest tracks from across the genre." Spotify likes to refer to the 51 songs featured on Indie Viet as "new and promising." Hien's "Boy" is hot and promising, so that works.

Immerse yourself in the sounds of Vietnam as both playlists feature Vietnamese singers, some of whom, like Hien, do sing in English. The best part of being on these two playlists? Hien is thrilled to be able to reach new audiences in Vietnam. Well done, Hien and thanks Apple Music and Spotify for helping Hien reach so many new fans!