Listen to "Bastard Too" on New Pop Playlist

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

New Pop's playlist Indie Good Vibes is treasure trove of music by indie artists. With anywhere from 275 to 300 songs on it, the playlist primarily features indie rock, indie pop, and indie folk music by artists mostly from the US and Canada.

This eclectic song selection overflows with acoustic instruments and warm vocals. However, given the expansiveness of the playlist, songs run the gamut from the moody Americana number like "Sweet Relief" by Swiss artist Pink Spider to the nostalgic pop of "Running for Your Life" by Jimmy & Verona, and beyond to "Rumors" by indie pop artist Daisy Gray. But there are also interesting songs like "Tomorrow," a hypno-tropicalia song by Hong Kong based Blood Wine or Honey and another, "Erreurs Acceptées" by French band VAPA that step outside the indie rock-pop-folk genre designation.

Never fear, there are others like "Broken Baby" by Liam Duncan and "Sh!t Show" by James Blonde that pair perfectly with Them Fantasies' "Bastard Too."

There's a veritable feast of outstanding indie music on independent playlists like New Pop's Indie Good Vibes. They offer up a sumptuous selection of great music that deserves to be heard! Head over to Indie Good Vibes and be inspired.

Thanks for sharing "Bastard Too" with your listeners, New Pop!