Them Fantasies' Song, "Hook-Up Culture," on Four Independent Playlists

Updated: Aug 14, 2019

A fourth song from Them Fantasies latest album, Caffeine Queen, is now on four new playlists. Yeah baby, yeah!

The indie playlists by New Pop, Bandrec, Caltify MX, and Deep in Tune deliver a lot of simply fantastic music by independent artists from around the world. "Hook-up Culture" is a great addition to any playlist and these four have certainly been augmented by its slap-happy lyrics and shoulder-swaying rock beat.

Deep in Tune's playlist Inside Alt Vibes is "An alternative organic and electronic playlist, with a unique mix of vibes, coming from the very famous talented artists to the unknown ones." With a very manageable set of 71 songs, it's got a great mix of songs that we liked, especially the following: "How 'bout You" by Music Teacher, "Mood Swings" by Moody Bear, "Since November" by Airplane Astronaut, "Stranger Ways" by Lone Wild, "Last Night" by Little Church, and "Could" by HOAX.

New Pop's playlist Indie Good Vibes is a large playlist with 285 songs on it—a testament to the amount of music available on Spotify! One would image the playlist to be a collection of songs that have accumulated over many years. In fact songs are no older than 10 days. It's not easy to get all the way through this playlist, but among the songs we liked were "Porto Cristo" by British and Canadian collaborators, Brother and Zerbin, "Pélican" by French producer Equateur, and "Like That Again" by American/German Malik Harris.

Bandrec's playlist Indie Bands of 2019 is a collection of songs by indie bands and artists that is updated weekly. But the 95 songs do not cycle out weekly; some songs have been on it for almost a month! The mix is predominantly indie rock and pop with a sprinkling of other genres thrown in to give it a touch of zanny. Songs we liked: "Aina" by St. Jimi Sebastian, "Invincible" by Flavio Jerome, "Sh!t Show" by James Blonde, and "L.A." by Bergamot.

Chill Days by Caltify MX is the fourth independently curated Spotify playlist "Hookup Culture" is on. 119 songs equals 7 hr and 15 mins of listening time. Songs we liked: "Vacancies" by Mirror Trash, "This Way to America" by Cash and the Whitelinez, "The Facts" by The Ragtag Roots, and "The Lie" by Trapdoor Social.

Give these playlists a listen on Spotify and follow the links to hear awesome new music by indie bands.