"Hook-Up Culture" is Racking up Streams

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Six weeks after the release of Caffeine Queen, "Hook-Up Culture" is placed on new playlist, Rock Discovery 2019.

Added to the Rock Discovery 2019 playlist on August 22, "Hook-Up Culture"has been renewed for a second week. This small, 40 song playlist is well stocked with heavy hitters like Bloc Party, The Fratellis, Arctic Monkeys and other luminaries. In seventh place, "Hook-Up Culture" is getting a lot of plays from the 31K followers of the playlist. Songs we like include "Quarter Past Midnight" by Bastille, "Shoot the Runner" by Kasabian, and "Ruin Your Night" by Sorcha Richardson.

And six weeks after it was first featured on Inside Alt Vibes, "Hook-Up Culture" is still going strong on this 79 song playlist. Inside Alt Vibes' artist mix is the opposite of that of Rock Discovery 2019 in that there are more emerging than established artists on the playlist. There are great gems by newcomers like "Gone Up in Smoke" by John Moon, "Mamma" by James Deacon, "Parliament" by Arliston, and others by more established artists like "Ophelia" by The Lumineers and "Under the Gun" by The Black Keys.

One thing that both playlists have in common is the predominance of male vocalists; there are just a combined handful of female voices to be heard. This is a reflection of the rock music industry in general and not unique to these playlists alone, but a stark reminder of the absence of women in rock music.