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about Sam

Sam Boot is an up-and-coming Canadian producer and club DJ. He is a go-to-collaborator for emerging vocalists and songwriters from around the world, who are drawn to his melodic, genre-blending sound. Sam describes his music as “a blend of pop and edm composed with the structure of classical music." A master mixer, Sam draws on his classical music training and foley experience to create a vibrant, layered sound that highlight the velvety vocals in his music. 


Latest Release

Nostalgia was the inspiration for “All the Nights,” specifically, nostalgia for the year Sam spent studying at Berklee's campus in Valencia, Spain. A true summer banger, “All the Nights” will draw you in with its wistful lyrics and have you jamming to its rising tempo.

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Sam Boot knows how to turn up the volume! His latest release "Not Lonely" demonstrates his knack for diversifying beats, layering styles, and weaving arrhythmic chords with pulsating synth sounds. “Not Lonely” has a unique groove and attention-grabbing vocals. 

Lyric Video

The lyric video for "Not Lonely", captures the summer vibe of the track in 4k quality. The stunning visuals are cut to the beat of the track in a cinematic fashion, and will motivate even the most dedicated couch-potato to get up and move!

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