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about the band

Them Fantasies figures that when you want to create something danceable and relatable, while technical and provocative, you need to meld polarizing musical styles and add a pinch of crazy to the mix for good measure. This Boston-based Alternative/Indie trio founded in 2017 has mixed a secret sauce to do just that. The band's frontman and bassist Dominic Cannarella has musical tastes that differ from co-writer and guitarist Eric McCoy’s—Dom’s is rooted in alternative rock and grunge, while Eric’s, in jazz fusion and blues. Max Meizlish, the third member and drummer, brings a crazily enthusiastic sound to the mix, which gives the band its unique Alternative/Indie rock vibe that has an unmistakably contemporary sound. 



Prepare for a caffeinated ride when you listen to Them Fantasies' debut album, Caffeine Queen. An intricate blend of alternative rock, caffeine, desire, and vice, this technical-yet-rowdy album distills the amusingly rude energy of nine carefully produced tracks by a band that draws from a variety of influences like the Strokes, Thundercat, and  STRFKR. House/EDM producer Nick Smith of SMLE/Rocket League fame captured the band's Alternative/Indie Rock essence, and together they've crafted it into a very polished and dynamic work of art.

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Stepping out of their comfort zone for their 2019 sophomore single, Them Fantasies has given “Acid Anna” a real driving feel that is complemented by a playfully melodic bass. Yet, the slow tempo and laid-back pace of the song makes you think you have all the time in the world to just chill—to chill and follow Dom’s distinctive baritone down the rabbit hole.

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"Bastard Too" is an explosive alt-rock song that focuses on relationship hardships and the lengths to which you'll go to make your most intimate relationships work. A song with a classic rock beat, "Bastard Too" uses hard-hitting drums to accent the lyrics while hammering home the conflicting emotions of vexation and personal fallibility.